"The other project was a scheme for entirely abolishing all words whatsoever; and this was urged as a great advantage in point of health as well as brevity. For it is plain that every word we speak is, in some degree, a diminution of our lungs by corrosion; and consequently contributes to the shortening of our lives. An expedient was therefore offered, that since words are only names for things, it would be more convenient for all men to carry about them such things as were necessary to express the particular business they are to discourse on... It would serve as a universal language, to be understood in all civilised nations, whose goods and utensils are generally of the same kind, or nearly resembling, so that their uses might easily be comprehended." (J. Swift)


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pier luigi nervi - padiglione d’esposizione, corso d’azeglio, torino, italia, 1950

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Museum of Roman Art, by Rafael Moneo, 1979, in Mérida, Spain.

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Brasilia, 2012



oscar niemeyer, lucio costa… building brasilia, photos by marcel gautherot, 1956
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Palácio Itamaraty 

Projeto - Oscar Niemeyer

Essa escada é demais

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Jim Mangan - Time of Nothing

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